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Follow votes and activities of the European Parliament.

Save time defining your political strategy by changing the way you access plenary votes and parliamentary activities.

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Votes Monitoring Tool
Access all plenary votes and Roll Call Votes.
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Votes Comparison Tool
Compare votes in the European Parliament.
Activity Search Tool
Access the activities you are interested in with a single click.
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Activity Statistics and Rankings
Access statistics and rankings for all members of parliament, political groups and parties.
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Updated in real time
Stay ahead of the debates and policy developments.
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All in one platform
to stop navigating across multiple websites

I am so happy about these reports, saves me probably 3-4 hours every plenary week, thank you!

Julia, APA

Thanks for creating this great service. It was about time someone sorted this out!

Malin, APA

Thank you very much for your excellent work. It is a great support for our daily work within the EP.

Jakob, APA

Allow me to congratulate you on your job. The platform provides us with very useful insights.

Theodoros, APA

Why didn’t you think about assistEU before? I would have saved hours and hours!

Caroline, political advisor