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Be informed and stay ahead
of the policy game.

We know how critical it is to receive timely legislative updates to design, adjust and implement your strategy. Thanks to assistEU, you can get access to all policy developments and parliamentary activities in real time, so all you need to worry about is how to use that information to make your campaigns even more effective.

The key to all EU information

All votes, explanations of votes, speeches in plenary, parliamentary questions, and other activities of MEPs are accessible from our platform – all this in an easy and intuitive way. Data are continuously updated and verified by our team. Above all, you can filter, extract, analyse them and use them to retrieve only the information you need, when you need it.


consolidated data

Rather than following MEPs individually, access their consolidated activities within their parties, groups or national delegations. Check out all details on their composition and activities in the European Parliament. A simple system that will allow you to always be aware of their positioning without getting lost in research.

Follow the plenary results live

A few moments after the official publication, access detailed results of all votes that have just taken place, including those of groups, national delegations, parties and general trends.. Whether it is about an amendment or a resolution, review the voted texts directly from our platform, alongside with all information regarding that specific vote.

Know the positions of MEPs at a glance

Thanks to detailed statistics, diagrams and infographics, the political orientations of MEPs, parties and groups are made easy to understand. Whether it is about internal cohesion by topic, or cohesions with other groups, analysing political trends becomes simple and easy, making the definition of your strategy child’s play.

Detect the subjects that unite or divide MEPs

Thanks to accurate statistics and professional analysis tools, quickly access key votes and analyse general or individual trends on the subjects regarding your activities. Also, our voting history tool will make it easy for you to rely on past results to build your future strategies.